Blood of a Woman

Blood of a Woman

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Men ~ Reclaim your virility NOW!
According to a Cosmo poll, 13 percent of all men admit they have tried on a bra. The sad part, 43 percent of American men actually need one.
–Jay Leno

You May Have the Blood of a Woman!!?
Are you always feeling LOW & TIRED ?
Have you been feeling so tired lately and packing on the pounds?
Are you having problems in the bedroom?
“You probably have more estrogen in your blood than most women.” !!!


How could you have the blood of a woman? Sounds absurd ?
You are not the only guy with this problem.
Men all over the world have this “silent epidemic.”
And it’s slowly turning us into women… without us even knowing it.

What is estrogen?

It’s the hormone that makes a woman a woman.
There’s a chemical form of estrogen in just about everything around us. It’s in the food we eat, the products we buy… and it’s getting into our blood and causing some crazy side effects.

“Whoa! It’s getting into our blood?”
Every man has some estrogen, but when the balance is not right, it can make you overweight, tired and feel like hell.

Low Testosterone can give you 'Man-Boobs'

Estrogen can give you
‘Man-Boobs’ !

And get this – it can even give you a “spare tire,” “man boobs” and make your face look fat and puffy.

But fortunately there’s a simple antidote.


Read on……


Estrogen Sucks Strength and Vitality Right Out of Us Guys

Here’s the bottom line: Estrogen makes its way into your body every day.
Sometimes it’s in the food you eat, sometimes it’s in the plastic products you use. But whether you know it or not, this feminizing hormone gets into your blood.

When you eat a burger, you’re probably eating estrogen. That’s because farmers inject their cattle and chickens with estrogen to “fatten them up” quickly. And every time you eat something from these animals, you’re likely getting the estrogen that the animal had.

The modern industry is worse.
They put hundreds of chemicals into everyday products that mimic the female hormone estrogen.

The problem is that many of these chemicals have a structure that looks like the female hormone estrogen. And when they get into your blood, they stick to estrogen receptors in your cells.

Estrogen receptors are like “landing platforms” on the surface of your cells that take in information.
That means, the chemical estrogens tell your body to look and feel more like a woman.

One of the first signs is more fat in your breasts and belly.
But long before you get “man boobs,” you notice a kind of  “softening.”

First, you may get a soft, “dough boy” look as your muscle turns to fat.
Over time, you may start to lose your masculine edge and your confidence.
You may feel tired or moody, and your girlfriend will start complaining about your lack of “hmmm….you-know-what”.

Effects of LOW Testosterone

Where Are These Chemicals Coming From?

Since you can’t see, smell or taste them, you can’t tell which products have these estrogen imitators. But they are very common.

Here’s a short list of some products that are full of estrogen-like chemicals:

Did you use any of these today?
– Detergents
– Shampoo
– Moisturizers
– Hair spray
– Perfumes & Colognes
– Fertilizers
– Pesticides
– Inflatable toys
– your garden hose
– any plastics,
– or even your vinyl flooring….

Of all the chemicals that have estrogen, plastics may be the worst because they’re everywhere.
From plastic bags and water bottles to the packaging your food comes in, plastic is impossible to get rid of.


But there is good news…

There is a simple “anti-feminizing formula” to help you keep a more balanced level of estrogen and help you get back a more masculine-looking body.

It will helps you:

  • Boost muscle mass.
  • Slim down and get rid of your “spare tire.”
  • Give your partner a better time in bed.
  • Feel more ambition, more energy, more confidence and gusto.


Your simple answer lies in “CRUCIFERS”
Crucifers help flush out estrogen
Crucifers work by turning the estrogen into a “neutral” form that’s not bad for your body.

These cruciferous estrogen busters come from vegetables.

Here’s how it works.

Macho Veggies Send Estrogen Fleeing

“Crucifers,” are a group of vegetables that include Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower and Cabbage.
Here’s why:
The way estrogen is “metabolized,” or broken down, in your body affects how it acts when it gets into your blood.

Certain compounds found in cruciferous vegetables turn the “feminizing” estrogen into a better version.
One of the best is indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a phyto-chemical found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli.

When you eat a vegetable like broccoli, your body breaks it down into different compounds. One of them is indole-3-carbinol (I3C).

I3C helps switch the “feminizing” estrogens into neutral or even helpful estrogens such as 2-hydroxyestrone.

Studies published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and the Journal of Endocrinology show the ability of I3C to turn the “bad” estrogen into a neutral metabolite.
When I3C gets into your gut, part of it converts into DIM (diindolylmethane), another “estrogen neutralizer.”

Together, I3C and DIM help clear your body of excess estrogen.

Not only does this simple solution help give you a better balance of estrogen, it helps promote a healthy testosterone-to-estrogen ratio, which is the key to getting back the energy, power and performance men feel when they’re younger.

Balance Your Estrogen and Your Testosterone Gets “Umphed”

When estrogen gets out of control, it causes another problem… the testosterone you have left gets “overwhelmed.”

Your ratio of testosterone to estrogen should be at least 4:1.
That is– 4 parts testosterone to 1 part estrogen.

The higher your ratio, the more macho you’ll look and feel.
To really feel strong and on top of the world, it’s better to get closer to 8:1.

But these days, a lot of guys have ratios that are below 4:1.
Once you fall below 4:1, you’ll start to feel the power-draining out of your body.

The more estrogen you have, the more fat you have!

(That’s why they give it to farm animals… to fatten them up as quickly as possible. So that we can eat bigger chicken thighs) It starts with a smooth layer of fat under the skin. This robs you of the muscle definition that we guys crave for. And it can even get to the point of getting a pudgy gut and a soft, round face and jaw.

Simply put, lowering estrogen helps reduce fat.

Is your chest saggy,… do you have “man boobs,”?
Do you have this big gut that jutts out in front of you??
Is your face round and puffy?
Are you tired all the time and never feel like doing anything?

Have you tried everything to build some muscle… lifting weights, calisthenics, running, dieting, hypnosis, acupuncture, but ran out of energy after a few minutes, and nothing really happened worth mentioning??

Get your Testosterone level checked

Most city-dwelling modern young men have a Testosterone level of only 200+. A level you’d expect to see in old men! To make matters worse, many guys have estrogen levels close to 200 or more. This can be MORE than most women!!!! We should be looking at testosterone levels of above 500. And a ‘testo-estro’ ratio of something like 4:1 or higher.

Many men have a ratio of ‘testosterone to estrogen’ at almost 1:1 – far too low for any man.

Although most average guys only weigh approximately 160 – 190 lbs, they can be carrying a lot of body fat (up to over 30 – 35% or more).
Technically speaking, this is obese, but you aren’t really “overweight.” This can happen if a proportion of your muscle turns to fat.

Reclaim Your Manhood

Start feeling great, instead of feeling weak and moody.
Go on and take on the world.
Feel stronger physically and develop a clearer mind.
Have more energy and stamina.

Cruciferous Vegetables make you more of a man
Taking cruciferous vegetables is a simple and effective way to get your manhood back to the same levels when you were much younger. It has worked on thousands of guys. Throw in a bit of exercise and you’re laughing. Start feeling like real men again.

Go on….Eat your Broccoli!

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So if broccoli is not really your cup of tea, then perhaps you should consider
VPOWER Herbal Tea!

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