Friday, October 14th, 2011

Low Cholesterol = Low Libido

Did you know that new studies in Europe and Australia show that men trying to lower their cholesterol were found to no longer have normal sexual performance,libido  and naughty sexual desire??

Most pharmaceutical drug companies and health authorities (
including your doctor), want you to believe that your cholesterol should be
low. In fact, they seem to recommend lower and lower levels year after year.
The truth is, you cannot live healthy and well without an abundance of
cholesterol in your blood.
Hard to believe?!

Cholesterol = Hormones = Testosterone

Cholesterol is the basis of all your hormones – including your sex hormones
testosterone and estrogen.
Many prescription drugs prevent you from making cholesterol.
Without cholesterol, you can’t make that all-so-important ‘man-hormone’ –
testosterone. And without testosterone, you won’t feel anything happening down there, in the
bedroom or anywhere else for that matter.

There are lots of medications today that interfere with your
normal sexual function and keep you from being able to perform like a real man.
‘Perform’—as in anything a man would do with his ‘manly’ body.

Cold & flu medications like diphenhydramine and pseudoephedrine
are powerful vaso-‘constrictors’.
Yes you heard that right.

They constrict your thing. And we all know what tight underwear can do. But
this is worse. This affects the sensitive nerves and veins surrounding your ‘didgeridoo’!
That all important mark of a man –your penis.

And this is especially true if you’ve taken some of these drugs while being
sexually active. It can permanently affect the healthy flow of blood in your penile
blood vessels. And you know what decreased blood flow means…

Yes! You’re a wimp! Flip, flop, flip & flop.
You can stop dreaming about standing proud like Neslon’s Column in central
The fact of the matter is, pseudoephedrine is so effective at shutting off erections that it
is used medically to stop a condition called priapism – now that’s a painful hard-on caused with or without
sexual stimulation but refuses to go down. Ouch!

Cholesterol = Manhood

Eggs are good for your manhood
So, to all you guys out there who want to remain real men, crack open an egg,
dig into a juicy steak, and stop taking cholesterol lowering drugs. Because
they really make you less of a man.
Just remember that drugs aren’t the only solution to your problem — that is
if you consider it a problem in the first place!

Here’s to your manhood!

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